Monday, April 13, 2015

Formula Drift: Long Beach 2015

It's been one year since my first show with Project Zero in FDLB and here we are again. This event has to be my favorite because of the weekend we all spend away out of the norm in San Diego and to experience it with all of our friends in LA and OC. Especially when we always choose the best hotels to stay at haha. Aside from the mishap with receiving my trunk and bumper a day right before the show from Outcast Garage, we were able to paint the trunk and bumper thanks to help from Sang & Allan and everyone who helped out. Thanks guys, I appreciate it so much!

I decided to shoot all of PZ and RCH and a few other cars here and there because there was just too many cars to shoot. Nonetheless, it was amazing seeing everyone again, especially the super kawaii crew and RCH. Table for 20 at AYCE KBBQ please? Say no more fam.

Here's my recap of this previous weekend.

Our first night at Hyatt's Regency hotel

The view was pretty awesome with a lake

Baby Rosalie ready to go out for dinner!

Hyatt's modern building had some of the sickest lighting

*heart eyes*

Frostbites with Sang, Darren, Vickie & Jojo after In-n-out for dinner


Sang, Allan & I headed to the venue to wax and spray down our cars for the show

The calm before the storm

Checking out the pits and watching the Formula Drift cars and drivers prep

Luigi's J's racing s2000. Pretty awesome seeing another kit like Sang's

This FC, 240 and 86 tho

Am I in Japan?

Allan's friends at airlift performance

Royal Origin's booth

My current favorite car *drool*

Sang's recent sponsorship with Meguiar's got him the hook up to cleaning supplies!

One of the many rows of show cars for Offset Kings aside from the drift event

The Iron Lizard in all of its green glory and new kit

Jay's 2006 RHD RSX. What I've heard is he's getting a cover feature for USDM Freax.. !

Mike's newly painted 240 with all the work done by him. So awesome in person

Patrick's CRZ fitted with Work vs-kf's

Devon's 86 with new vinyl work on his hood from Calvin

Allan's bagged Passat which should have placed, IMO.

Jamie's long awaited EJ25 engine swap

Boogie's masterpiece

Daniel's RB accompanied with a solo cup vinyl livery

Arm's IS300

Finally got to meet Renny and his clean G35 on work vs-kf's. Humble guy!

Casey's Cressida with boso pipes!

The chariot

Alonzo's RHD Bugeye

Killagram's RB v2 with a lot of add-ons. Much more amazing in person.

Sean's newly fitted Vishnu's tucking hard in the rears.

Brian's bagged FRS! One of our favorite non-wide FRS nowadays.

Irwin's fitted WRX, by far one of my favorite static builds. I've been wanting a WRX/STI for a while too.

Calvin's Honda Fit

Chris Lee's Veloster Turbo with his new LXZ's! Get those lip's man haha

Brian Cho's S2000

Aside from blowing his motor last week at HIN, Sang wasted no time swapping out the motor to make it to FD LB the following weekend. Talk about determined!

Fatlace's 2015 GTI on the new 2-piece work kiwami's

Leaving the venue to go eat AYCE KBBQ

Stopped by to Cha2o to get boba as always

Hard parked at the hotel

The hotel employee told Sang to park like this to avoid damaging his car, or anyone else's haha.

Roller's by Jojo on the way to get breakfast at westminster

Peep at Derek's side skirt height, teehee